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    Music For Millions New Classics To Moderns : les plus grandes pièces pour le piano au travers les siècles

  1. Depuis sa création en 1968, la collection Classics To Moderns est l'une des compilations de morceaux classiques au piano préférés des pianistes de tous niveaux. Voyagez au cœur de la musique classique de 1600 à nos jours. Ce volume contient 101 pièces classiques dans leur édition originale.
    --- Nombre de pages : 160 --- Date de parution : 04/10/2016 --- Collection : CLASSICS TO MODERNS

  2. Titres : 2 Years [Cowley, Neil] - Air [Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann] - Air in D Minor (Z. T676) [Purcell, Henry] - Andantino (No.1 from Les Cinq Doigts) [Stravinsky, Igor] - Aria (Six Tunes For Lucy) [Matthews, Colin] - Arioso [Scarlatti, Alessandro] - Autumn (The Four Seasons) [Vivaldi, Antonio] - Bagatelle [Diabelli, Anton] - Black On White (No.12 from Zebra Music) [Swayne, Giles] - Bourree (from Suite In E Minor, BVW 996) [Bsch, Johann Sebastian] - Bourree [De Visee, Robert] - Bourree [Graupner, Christophe] - Brave Knight [Vogel, Moritz] - Chanson Reveuse De L'Heliotrope (No.9 from Pieces D'Amour) [Hahn, Reynaldo] - Chatterbox Waltz [Nyman, Michael] - Children's Song (No.2 from For Children, Vol.1) [Bartok, Bela] - Clarinet Concerto (Adagio) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus] - Country Dance In D Minor, WoO.15 [Beethoven, Ludwig Van] - Cradle Song (No.4 from 5 Lieder, Op.49) [Brahms, Johannes] - Cradle Song [Horak, Eduard] - Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy (The Nutcracker Suite) [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr] - Danse Galante [Telemann, George Philipp] - Ecossaise [Hummel, Johann Nepomuk] - Ecossaise No.5 (From Eight Ecossaises, D. 977) [Schubert, Franz] - Eleanor Ruth (In The Pink) [Chapple, Brian] - En Bateau (Petite Suite) [Debussy, Claude] - Entrée [Mozart, Leopold] - Etude No.1 [Grundman, Jorge] - Fanfare Minuet [Duncombe, William] - Farandole (L'Arlesienne Suite) [Bizet, Georges] - For Erik Satie (No.1 from Eight Very Easy Pieces For Piano) [Dickinson, Peter] - Former Friends (No.3 from For Children, Vol.1) [Bartok, Bela] - Fragments [Hauschka] - Fugue (No.4 from Five Miniature Preludes And Fugues) [Rowley, Alec] - Fur Elise [Beethoven, Ludwig Van] - Gavotta [Hook, James] - Gavotte [Handel, George Frideric] - Gavotte [Speer, Daniel] - Hungarian Dance No.5 [Brahms, Johannes] - Jupiter (The Planets) [Holst, Gustav] - Just A Waltz (No.8 from Eight Very Easy Pieces For Piano) [Dickinson, Peter] - King William's March [Clarke, Jeremiah] - La Calinerie (No.3 from Cinq Impressions Enfantines) [Wurmser, Lucien] - Là Ci Darem La Mano (From Don Giovanni) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus] - Landler (No. 2 from Four Landlers) [Schubert, Franz] - Largo (from Symphony No.9 'From The New World') [Dvorak, Antonin] - Le Petit-Rien (No.4 from 5 Pièces de Clavecin) [Couperin, François] - Lento (No.6 from Les Cinque Doigts) [Stravinsky, Igor] - Little Piece (No.5 from Album For The Young, Op.68) [Schumann, Robert] - L'Ombre (No. 4 from Historiettes) [Gretchaninoff, Alexander] - Melody (No.1 From Album For The Young, Op. 68) [Schumann, Robert] - Menuet [Croft, William] - Metamorphosis One [Glass, Philip] - Miniature Rondo (No.22 from 120 Pieces For Aspiring Pianists) [Türk, Daniel Gottlob] - Minuet In G Major [Bach, Johann Sebastian] - Minuet No.3 (from 10 Minuets, Hob. IX:22) [Haydn, Joseph] - Minuet, K.15c (No.29 from The London Sketchbook) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus] - Minuet, K.15pp (No. 64 from The London Sketchbook) - Minuetto (Lesson 8 from Guida Di Musica, Op. 37) [Hook, James] - Mythologies Japonaises No.3 [Alain, Jehan] - Nocturne In Eb Major (Op.9, No.2) [Chopin, Frederic] - Opus 26 [O'Halloran, Dustin] - Panis Angelicus [Franck, Cesar] - Piano Music For Young And Old - No.2 [Nielsen, Carl] - Pleine Lune (No.3 from Les Classiques Du Joker) [Blet, Stephane] - Prelude (No.4 from Five Miniature Preludes And Fugues) [Rowley, Alec] - Prelude No.1 In C Major [Bach, Johann Sebastian] - Prelude Non Mesure [Le Roux, Gaspard] - Primavera (No.1 from Historiettes) [Gretchaninoff, Alexander] - Promenade Au Bois (No.1 from Preparatifs Pour La Promenade) [Gretchaninoff, Alexander] - Puppet's Complaint [Franck, Cesar] - Quadrille [Haydn, Joseph] - Questa Volta [Einaudi, Ludovico] - Russian Folk Song [Beethoven, Ludwig Van] - Salut D'amour [Elgar, Edward] - Sarabande [Einaudi, Ludovico] - Sarabande [Froberger, Johann Jakob] - Sarabande In D Minor [Handel, George Frideric] - Sentimental Waltz (Waiting- Nine Easy Pieces For Piano) [Burgon, Geoffrey] - Six Secret Songs - No.1 [Maxwell Davies, Peter] - Six Secret Songs - No.2 [Maxwell Davies, Peter] - Slumber Song [Gould, Morton] - Snowblind [Liu, Bowen] - Song Without Words (Op.183, No.1) [Reinecke, Carl] - Surprise Symphony (Theme) [Haydn, Joseph] - The Blue Notebooks [Richter, Max] - The Can-Can (Orpheus In The Underworld) [Offenback, Jacques] - The Cranes Are Flying [Arensky, Anton] - The Exchange [Nyman, Micheal] - The Hunter's Song (No. 10 from The First Lessons, Op. 117) [Gurlitt, Cornelius] - The Italian Pipers [Gounod, Charles] - The Piebald Circus Pony (Five Pastels, Op.51) [Swinstead, Felix] - The Swan (Carnival Of The Animals) [Saint-Saens, Camille] - The Swan (from Pieces For Angela) [Leighton, Kenneth] - Three Secrets From The Abyss - No.1 [Harle, John] - Tiger Moth [Cowley, Neil] - To Begin With (No.1 From Little Piano Pieces, Op.81) [von Wilm, Peter Nicolai] - Triumphant (from Moods) [Kendall, Iain] - Valse De La Libellule En Deuil (No.12 from Pieces D'Amour) [Hahn, Reynaldo] - Walking [Diabelli, Anton] - White On White (No.6 from Zebra Music) [Swayne, Giles] - William Tell Overture [Rossini, Gioachino]