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  1. Une collection de 104 titres sélectionnés parmi les oeuvres des plus grands compositeurs contemporains du XXIe siècle. Les pièces ont été spécialement sélectionnées pour être jouées par les pianistes de niveau intermédiaire.
    Nombre de page : 352 -- Date de sortie : 24/06/2015

  2. Titres : China Gates [Adams, John] - Balcony Scene (From Romeo + Juliet) [Armstrong, Craig] - Glasgow Love Theme (From Love Actually) [Armstrong, Craig] - Weather Storm [Armstrong, Craig] - The Belles Of St Trinian's [Arnold, Malcolm] - Four Scottish Dances - IV. Con brio [Arnold, Malcolm] - Sarabande [Arnold, Malcolm] - Adagio For Strings [Barber, Samuel] - Excursions - I. Vivo [Rodney Bennett, Richard] - Excursions - III. Allegro [Rodney Bennett, Richard] - Partridge Pie - Eight Maids A-Milking [Rodney Bennett, Richard] - Partridge Pie - Eleven Ladies Dancing [Rodney Bennett, Richard] - Nicole’s Theme (from Tender Is The Night) [Rodney Bennett, Richard] - Rosemary’s Waltz (from Tender Is The Night) [Rodney Bennett, Richard] - Five Short Pieces - II. Allegro moderato [Berkeley, Lennox] - Five Short Pieces - V. Allegro [Berkeley, Lennox] - Mazurka, Op.101/2 [Berkeley, Lennox] - Mr. Pilkington’s Toye [Berkeley, Lennox] - Piano Pieces - No.2 [Berkeley, Lennox] - Six Preludes - III. Allegro moderato [Berkeley, Lennox] - Six Preludes - VI. Andante [Berkeley, Lennox] - Two Interludes - II. Moderato [Bliss, Arthur] - Bagatelles Diverses - II. Digression [Chapple, Brian] - Bagatelles Diverses - VI. Spanish Dance [Chapple, Brian] - The Blue Pool (from On The Cool Side) [Chapple, Brian] - The Snow Melts (from Lazy Days) [Chapple, Brian] - The Eternal Vow (from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) [Dun, Tan] - The Crane Dance [Einaudi, Ludovico] - Dietro Casa [Einaudi, Ludovico] - Discovery At Night [Einaudi, Ludovico] - L'Origine Nascosta [Einaudi, Ludovico] - Primavera [Einaudi, Ludovico] - Run [Einaudi, Ludovico] - Una Mattina [Einaudi, Ludovico] - Danse Rituelle du Feu (from El Amor Brujo) [de Falla, Manuel] - The North Pole (from Frozen Planet) [Fenton, George] - Opening Piece from ‘Glassworks’ [Glass, Philip] - Metamorphosis Five [Glass, Philip] - Orphée Suite - V. Music Interlude [Act II Scene V] [Glass, Philip] - Trilogy Sonata: Knee Play No.4 (from Einstein On The Beach) [Glass, Philip] - An Album For My Friends - II. Adam's Allemande [Gregson, Edward] - An Album For My Friends - III. Clare's Courante [Gregson, Edward] - An Album For My Friends - IV. Stefan's Sarabande [Gregson, Edward] - An Album For My Friends - V. Gaynor's Gavotte [Gregson, Edward] - Bagatela No.1 [from Once Bagatelas, Op.19] [Halffter, Rodolfo] - Three Secrets From The Abyss - I. Intense Introspection [Harle, John] - Three Secrets From The Abyss - II. Unutterable Sadness [Harle, John] - Three Secrets From The Abyss - III. Profound Longing [Harle, John] - Towards The Light - III. Arioso [Hawes, Patrick] - Towards The Light - V. Ave Maria [Hawes, Patrick] - Towards The Light - X. The Time Of Sacrifice [Hawes, Patrick] - Sonatina 1947 - II. Andantino [Werner Henze, Hans] - Clearer Nuance (Section 3 from ‘for L.C. at 50’, Migas Book 1) [Holt, Simon] - Solitude [Ibert, Jacques] - Otra Vez Huyendo y Sin Despedirme (from All About My Mother) [Iglesias, Alberto] - Treasure (from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) [Iglesias, Alberto] - Folk Melodies - IV. The Shepherd Girl [Lutoslawski, Witold] - Folk Melodies - V. An Apple Hangs On The Apple-Tree [Lutoslawski, Witold] - Folk Melodies - VII. Master Michael [Lutoslawski, Witold] - Folk Melodies - X. The Grove [Lutoslawski, Witold] - Folk Melodies - XI. The Gander [Lutoslawski, Witold] - Folk Melodies - XII. The Schoolmaster [Lutoslawski, Witold] - Bucolics, No.1 [Lutoslawski, Witold] - Bucolics, No.5 [Lutoslawski, Witold] - Invention [Lutoslawski, Witold] - Reliqui domum meum (from Two Organ Pieces) [Maxwell Davies, Peter] - Six Secret Songs - II. Allegro [Maxwell Davies, Peter] - Snowfall In Winter (Study No.9 'Hommage à Debussy') [McCabe, John] - Pessebres [Créches] – I. Dansa - A Hudson Cycle [Muhly, Nico] - Big My Secret (from The Piano) [Nyman, Michael] - The Heart Asks Pleasure First--The Promise--The Sacrifice (from The Piano) [Nyman, Michael] - Opus 28 [O’Halloran, Dustin] - Nocturne No.8 [Poulenc, Francis] - Mouvements Perpétuels - III. Alerte [Poulenc, Francis] - Trois Novelettes - No.1 in C Major - Modéré sans lenteur [Poulenc, Francis] - Trois Novelettes - No.2 in B-flat Minor - Très rapide et rythmé [Poulenc, Francis] - Trois Novelettes - No.3 in E Minor - Andantino tranquillo [Poulenc, Francis] - Promenades - III. Á Cheval [Poulenc, Francis] - Promenades - VIII. En Chemin De Fer [Poulenc, Francis] - Suite pour Piano - I. Presto [Poulenc, Francis] - 'Farewell' Theme (from Between Strangers) [Zbigniew, Preisner] - A Good Morning Melody [Zbigniew, Preisner] - Horizon Variations [Richter, Max] - Prelude [Saariaho, Kaija] - Zebra Music - No.1-6 [Swayne, Giles] - Les Cinq Doigts [Stravinsky, Igor] - 6/11/98 [Talbot, Joby] - Cloud Watching [Talbot, Joby] - Once Around The Sun: January - 'A Yellow Disc Rising From The Sea' [Talbot, Joby] - Once Around The Sun: June - 'Transit Of Venus' [Talbot, Joby] - Once Around The Sun: November - 'Eleven' [Talbot, Joby] - Techno Etude No.1 [Tanak, Karen] - Mandoodles [Tavener, John] - The Lamb [Tavener, John] - Las Musas de Andalucia, Op.93 - VIII. Terpsícore [Turina, Joaquín] - Water Night [Whitacre, Eric] - Calmo (No.3 from Three Piano Pieces, Op.5) [Wood, Hugh] - I've Turned The Page [Weir, Judith] - Die Sonate vom Guten Menschen (from Das Leben der Anderen) [Yared, Gabriel] - Lovers On Balloon (from Map Of The Human Heart) [Yared, Gabriel] - L'Imaginaire (From Sauve Qui Peut La Vie) [Yared, Gabriel] - Romance (from Sylvia) [Yared, Gabriel] - Not Talking (from Breaking And Entering) [Yared, Gabriel]